Come discover community devoted to diversity, spiritual adulthood, and stepping up with an open heart. Journey with us and develop a strong working relationship with your own helping spirits and guides.
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Worshops and Classes

Shamanic Practice 2018

Shamanic Practice offers transformational experiences for practitioners of the healing arts, shamanic healers, and experienced journeyers as well as shamanic practitioners.

Actual Energy Clearing
Feb 23-25, Seattle, WA
only live, intesive class in 2018
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What is Shamanism?
Basic Shamanic Skills for Everyone

Basic Shamanic Journey
Nov 11, 2017, Portland OR
—Full, Registration Closed—


Shamanic Training—2018

Four-year training in The Cycle Teachings — transformational shamanism offered in residential, immersion retreats at various centers. 

Masks of Illusion: Year 1
June 3-8, 2018, Oracle, AZ

Dance of the Shadow Self: Year 2
May 27-June 2, 2018, Oracle, AZ

The Sacred M/F Self: Year 3
July 8-13, 2018, Oracle, AZ

Laying the Bones to Rest: Year 4
July 30-Aug 4, Whidbey Is, WA

Birth of the Healer: Y1 P2
Nov 30-Dec 3, 2017 Oracle, AZ
Nov 29-Dec 2, 2018, Oracle, AZ

Birth of the Warrior: Y2 P2
Nov 2-5, 2017, The Farm at Cedar Springs, WA
Nov 1-4, 2018, Oracle, AZ

Birth of the Teacher: Y3 P2
Feb 7-11, 2018, Oracle, AZ

Birth of the Visionary: Y4 P2
Feb 2019, Location TBA

Dismantling the False Self: Y4 P3
June 2019, Location TBA


Ongoing Classes

Open shamanic events at Whole Being Health lead by Christina Pratt and advanced students of the Cycle Teachings.

For more information go to and join “Shamanic Healing and Teachings” for free. Follow the news about the open, ongoing classes there.

3rd Wednesday—Shamanic Journey Circle
6:30-8:00 PM (Doors close at 6:30)
Donation suggested; $5-15
An enthusiastic, passionate, and whole hearted exploration of the art of shamanic journeying: crafting questions, interpreting your journeys, taking action, problem solving and working with your helping spirits for healing and empowerment. Circle is open to all who know how to journey, beginning to advanced.
Workshops and Classes

Shamanism & Shamanic Practice


Register now for 2018 Classes — responding to the needs of our time with shamanic skills and medicine for our world


Registration Open for 2018
Masks of Illusion and the Authentic Self

The Cycle of Transformation — Shamanic Teachings for the New World

June 3-8, 2018, El Rancho Robles, Oracle, AZ

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We must be skilled if we are to become the people who can write a new story for the new world. We cannot simply repeat the ancients ways as if our culture is still healthy and true. Now can we continue as we are. We must become the men and women we were born to be. We must become the medicine and dance.

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Pre-requisite: Basic Shamanic Journeying Skills

We must draw forward what remains true and real in the ancient teachings about human life in the natural world and we must innovate effectively in response to the issues of our time.  In Year One we cover the basic shamanic skill set for the Cycle and the transformation skill set. Together we engage in elemental ritual and ceremony to fuel your personal transformation, learn clearing techniques to free your Authentic Self from your Old Story and enter into Last Mask Community for support from your peers as the year unfolds.



New Online Classes in 2018

New online classes in Energy Body Hygiene, Actual Energy Clearing, and other teachings will be offered in the new year. Please send your email contact information to Andrea to be invited to these classes. 

For more information contact Andrea at Last Mask Center,