Last Mask Center Community

UPDATE: Bulletin Boards, Forums, Resources, Photos and Stories are being moved to Ning


What you'll find here:

  • The Essence Texts, or teachings of the Cycle of Transformation
  • The LMCommunity Councils that maintain and support the life and love of the LMCommunity
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In addition we now have The Ning LMCommunity for LMCommunity members. Students of The Cycle can enter our LMCommunity site here:


What you'll find at the The Ning LMCommunity:

  • Bulletin Boards
  • Forums
  • Resources
  • Photos
  • Stories


This site and the Ning LMCommunity gifts us with an opportunity to connect as individuals with our community and as an integrated community, with Spirit.



The Last Mask Center Community site is for everyone to learn about our community and our shared teachings which employ ancient shamanic skills for personal and global transformation.


It is a group of people actively engaged in living the shamanic principles and teachings of The Cycle of Transformation.  We are a non-local shamanic community living from our shared shamanic paradigm in our contemporary lives. We endeavor to live from a place of reciprocity and gratitude at all times for those things we love joyfully and those challenging dynamics in life that bring us gifts.


Every community member has taken at least Masks of Illusion and the Authentic Self, the entry experience into The Cycle, a selective four-year shamanic intensive.  Some members have completed all four years and many are repeating parts of The Cycle as they are called to deepen their experience of life, authenticity, and the powers of the heart.  We value living as an expression of Wisdom, True Power, Vision, and Love. This community gathers to support each individual in living his or her soul’s unique purpose.  Each individual’s gifts are the wealth and richness of this community.



Enjoy the photo gallery of Beauty, the beauty of the natural sites we gather in and the beauty of authenticity and joy radiating from the faces of people in The Cycle workshops.


Building Community Locally

Open monthly journey circles. All journeyers welcome. Donation suggested.


New York City, contact

Portland*, OR, contact

(* Portland circle will be lead by Christina Pratt, starting in October 2010.  This is a great opportunity to strengthen your  journeying skills in open circle with the shaman.)

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 to for more information about learning to journey.