June 2016


June 7-12, 2016, Aldermarsh, Whidbey Is. WA
Pre-requiste: The ability to journey

Join this exciting circle of people who want to use their shamanic skills to change the story for the good of all life...and to live their soul's purpose while doing it. Is one of the two open places in the circle meant to be yours?



In Year One we cover the whole Cycle of Transformation skill set, engage in elemental ritual and ceremony to fuel your transformation, learn fail-safe clearing techniques to free your Authentic Self and enter into Last Mask Community for support from your peers as the year unfolds. The true value cannot be listed, but some examples of the benefits are:

  • learn to work with the elements in ritual and ceremony
  • ​find the song, dance, and mask needed to honor your helping spirit
  • create and use altars, shrines, and sacred space.
  • create right relationship with Death so that you can awaken your Inner Healer.
  • learn to negotiate boundaries, grounding, and limits in every day.
  • learn Actual Energy Clearing skillS and free yourself from your past stories
  • and so very much more...

Masks of Illusion (Part One) and the Birth of the Healer (Part Two) will be offered in the traditional retreat format, removed from everyday life and sequestered in nature to cultivate focus on the invisible world and a sound energetic container for our sacred ritual and ceremony.

Cost: $1075 (double occupancy). Includes room, all meals, retreat space and grounds, tuition, prep material, followup material, mentoring, and immersion in the teachings. This price includes early registration discount.


Deposit of $300 reserves your space. Last year we had a large waitlist and they have already registered for this year. Space is limited to 24, so do not wait to register.

Full payment must be recieved by April 7, 2016 for $150 discount.

For those of you who care about writing a new story for the people, know that we need skills if we are actually to do that well.  We need to learn to not only take power in the dream and write the new story, but to take power in our lives, everyday, and stop living the old story. Not only do we need skills to do this, but we need shared skills… we need shared space and time… we need a shared dream. I hope you will join us this year… not next year or whatever year you think this will “fit into your life.” It never fits, trust me I have heard it before.  If you feel a pull, it is time.  Please join us this year.


Contact: Andrea at Last Mask Center for more information


1. What's the commitment?
Ultimately the Cycle Teachings are two retreats per year for four years. People move through as they are called by Spirit. Generally, one 5-day and one 3-day retreat every 6 months maintains the best balance between integration and momenteum.

2. What happens in the 6 months between?
The long retreats initiate transforms through shamanic ritual and ceremony. The time following is to participate fully in your transformation with spirit, which requires using the skills one has just learned in the retreat time. During this time there are mentors available in Last Mask Community, peer support, weekly accountability groups, and time with the shaman as needed.

3. I don't want to do this alone
Last Mask Community is the community of students gathered around these teachings. Once you enter the teachings you enter the community. The community is both local and non-local and thus offers many vectors of support. It also offers opportunities to practice what you are learning and to live as a shamanic person in our contemporary world.


Shamanic Journey Circle

Jun 15, 6:30-8:00pm, Whole Being Health Portland, OR
Open, ongoing journey circle for people who know how to journey.
Suggested Donation: $5-12

Contact: meetup.com and join "Shamanic Healing and Teachings"

Last Mask Community Teleseminar

June 16, 5:30—7 pm, Pacific Time

Advancing the teachings of the Cycle of Transformation for students of The Cycle. These teleseminars deepen the teachings for students who are dedicated to living and learning the teachings and cosmology of the Cycle of Transformation.